I have a confession to make: I am a recovering people-pleaser. Not the kind who would risk life and limb to fit in, but the type that would answer in the affirmative when I really wanted to say, “Oh, Hell No!”

You know what it sounds like:

  • “Sure, I’ll bring plates for the pot-luck (even though I won’t be eating your food).”
  • “Of course I’ll go out on a blind date with your brother/father/cousin (who I have already Googled and found lacking).”  
  • “Yes, sign me up for another committee (that I don’t have time for).”
  • “Put me down for 15 boxes of your child’s cookies/candy/pizza kits (that neither I nor my hips need).”
I am grateful that I have learned the power of saying “No” and “No, thank you” (when extra courtesy is required), understanding that it is a complete sentence and that no additional explanation is necessary. Here’s to doing what’s best for me, without apology!

Between my 49th and 50th birthdays, I am embarking on a daily journey of gratefulness as there is always something, great or small, to express gratitude for. I have dubbed this journey The Grateful 49 Project, as I will endeavor to share my thoughts in approximately 49 words or less (on most days).

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