I have a friend who is dating a guy that she has no intentions of staying with for the long haul, but she is choosing to stick with him until “something better comes along.” When I heard her make that statement, I asked her (out loud) “How are we still friends?” and chuckled.

Though I love her dearly, I have a hard time with her mindset for a few reasons:

  • I don’t feel that it’s right to lead someone on when you know that you really don’t want to be with him or her.
  • I believe in taking a break in between relationships to get yourself together and learn the lessons from the last relationship. 
  • You could potentially be blocking the right situation by hanging on to the wrong situation.
  • Life is much too precious to waste valuable time in a dead-end romance.
Personally, I have to thank my last “ex” for giving me the gift of my freedom to pursue a new direction for my life. We were not the best fit for one another for a multitude of reasons, but our relationship (and subsequent break-up) helped me to figure out what works and more importantly, what doesn’t work for me. 
I am grateful for having had the chance to move on (a little bruised, but not broken) and prepare myself for the next relationship while living my best life. Here’s hoping that my friend will be able to do the same so that she and her current man won’t “both end up with scars.”

Between my 49th and 50th birthdays, I am embarking on a journey of gratefulness as there is always something, great or small, to express gratitude for. I have dubbed this journey The Grateful 49 Project, as I will endeavor to share my thoughts in approximately 49 words or less (on most days).

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