Wow! It’s funny how time flies when you are busy with the business of living life. Until this moment, I didn’t realize that it has been well over a year since the last time that I wrote a blog post and even then, it was never on a consistent basis.

Why did I decide to enter into the blogosphere again after such an extended absence? Because there is a lot going on in the world around me and I have something to say, not about all of it, but about the things that touch my soul and spirit.

Not only have I felt as if the universe has been seemingly spinning out of control at times, but my own life has been a rollercoaster ride of sorts, with the highest of highs, but also some pretty big, heart-pounding dips. And for the most part, I have been going at it alone.

Since this space was created to be my “diary,” I feel the need to put some of my thoughts on the page as a form of personal catharsis and also as a way to open up a dialogue with other sisters who are faced with their own challenges in living their best lives.

Some days I will have a lot to say and on others, not so much, but one thing that I will commit to is sharing at least one thing that I am grateful for daily, in 49 words or less, which I have named The Grateful 49 Project. (More on that in a moment.)

This past weekend, I was blessed to celebrate my 49th birthday, beginning with a dinner party with a group of girlfriends on Friday, peaking with a beautiful nature hike with the Creator of all things on Saturday, and culminating with lunch and a tear-jerking chick flick with my mother on Sunday afternoon.

Birthday Celebration Time!

In between the big moments, I was overjoyed by an influx of birthday messages, both from people that have known me most of my life and others that only know me through social media. Out of all of the well-wishes, there were three in particular made my heart skip a beat: One from a young lady that I have watched grow from a preteen into a budding legal genius, another from one of the boys (now a man) who used to tease me when I was awkward young girl, and the last from a sisterfriend that I have never met face-to-face.

Without getting into the particulars of what was shared with me, one theme was constant: They. Saw. Me. Not for the person that others might think that I should be, but for the person that I have always been and that I am on a continual quest to become even more of. And for that, I am eternally grateful.

For the next year, I am embarking on a daily journey of gratefulness as there is always something, either great or small, to express gratitude for. I no longer want to take the little things for granted nor do I want to ignore the significance of the bigger things. Knowing that I am blessed to be a blessing, it is my desire to encourage you to look for the goodness within your own life, and with that in mind, I hope that you will join me on this journey – The Grateful 49 Project.

With a Heart of Gratitude,


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