“I need your help, please!” 
“Can you help me?”

I must admit to you that it was a lot easier for me to type those words than it is for me to express them when I am in need of assistance. This morning, I started searching my soul to figure out why it is so hard for me (and women in general) to ask for what we need when we need it.

I am not talking about the “Help a sister out!” or “Hook a sister up!” mentality of people who want something for nothing, I am talking about getting the type of support that helps you to get more done in life. Whether it’s managing a household, raising your children, working towards a dream, completing a big project at work or school, breaking free from a toxic relationship or avoiding financial disaster, there are times when we need the assistance of others, but we don’t always ask for it. Why is that?

Fear of rejection. 
Fear of ridicule or judgement. 
 Not wanting to appear weak. (Aren’t all “sistahs” supposed to be “strong” black women?) 
Thinking that we are the only ones who can do it right.
Feeling ashamed or embarrassed.

While I know that it is better to give than to receive, we have to be willing to ask for and receive a helping hand from time to time. By not doing so, we add stress to our days which impacts the overall quality of our lives.

Today, I challenge you to ask someone for assistance: at work, at home, at church or within your community. As the saying goes, “Together, everyone achieves more!”


P.S. I could use your assistance with taking Brown Girl Collective to the next level. Support the cause and help spread the word! #BGC5Project

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