Tuesday, November 1, 2011

For the Love of Lou: Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Today, I embrace the power of the written word to celebrate the man who introduced me to world of reading, writing and all things lyrical: my father, Louis M. Thomas, Jr.!

In a world in which many Brown Girls like myself have hopelessly looked for fatherly love in all the wrong places, I am especially blessed to have a dad who is more than just a father, he is also one of my very best friends. Throughout 45 years of living through times both good and bad, one thing has remained constant in my life: The love of Lou.

As far back as I can remember, my daddy has treated me like the most important person in his life: from the days of playing with me as an infant, to buying me pretty dresses as a toddler, to bringing me flowers in elementary school, to encouraging me to read books in junior high, to teaching me about the 'games' boys play in high school, to sending me out into the world as a young adult woman and by continuing to be my sounding board in midlife; my dad has been (and will always be) my main man.

Now, don't get me wrong, he is not superhuman and is far from perfect, but he understands what it means to be a father. He is my biggest fan, my greatest supporter, my loudest cheerleader and still willing to put a chokehold on anybody who does me wrong (even at the age of sixty-nine)! I know that it sounds like a cliche', but I am still holding out for a man 'like my daddy' to one day come into my life and I am not willing to settle for anything less!

So today, as I honor the love of my life, here are a few tunes that make up the soundtrack of my early days with my first love! Happy Birthday, Daddy!